New Travel Site with awesome customization features

There is a new travel site on the web and it has taken a big step forwards in terms of trip personalization and online customization. Unlike existing tour operator sites that rely on humans to generate custom itineraries and quotes: Trips in Asia lets you create your own custom tour and get instant quotes live online!

Right now these guys have a lot of tours available, though not a very strong sustainability focus. They seem to be more focused on getting a large product catalog together and building the kind of online booking system that makes old school traditional travel agents nervous. Running live quotes that update with every activity you select? Fully interactive product catalog with great pics and more detail than any human could reasonably send someone in .pdf format? This could be one step closer to the end of the human quote machines in the sales departments of big travel companies everywhere.

We do like where these guys are going with this site though and we encourage you to check them out!

Sutainable Tourism Entrepreneurs

One of the most professional tour operators in the Himalayas, Lara Tsering operates out of the beautiful Spiti Valley.
Lara received training on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Tourism as part of an intensive course on Developing Tourism Entrepreneurs put on by Automik sustainable development consultants and the non-profit Himalayan NGO Pragya Foundation.
Lara has years of experience and the course merely confirmed his existing policies on environmental and cultural awareness in tourism based industries in such a fragile habitat as the Himalayas - both culturally and environmentally.

Conceptual Peer to Peer Technology Sharing in Tourism

The most efficient way to learn is through practice, and with that in mind Automik Consultants have initiated planning on the latest in p2p open source development in the sustainable travel industry.

Automik will provide an open access Future Travel Labratory for experimentation in the fields of sustainable design/architecture and clean technology.

The complex(rumoured to be located somewhere in the Caribbean) will aim to provide for every need of the high tech traveler of tomorrow, including wireless live media streams and p2p community media sharing and collaborative creative design projects. An emphasis on using recycled waste materials and the latest in sustainable building and agri-technology throughout to minimize the carbon emissions and ecological footprint of the hotel and every traveler that passes through it.

Right now its still in the planning stages and these are just a few of the ideas being suggested but once again, this is an open source project and the aim of the entire project is to be a labratory for experimentation in sustainable travel technology and a creative collaboration junction.

check here for regular updates and submit any ideas for consideration at the open source travel lab to

Ingredients for Sustainability

The tourism economy will only flourish with:

  • the full support of the local community; and
  • it will only last as long as the natural environment remains healthy and preserved; and
  • cultural uniqueness is upheld through a genuine pride in popular traditions

Sustainable development means, in the words of the 1987 World Commission on Environment, "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

In other words, sustainable development is a comprehensive approach to promoting development in ways that do not harm the environment or deplete natural resources so that they will still be available in the future.